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    SwimPath Custom Printed Swimming Caps

    Custom Printed Swimming Caps

    Get your club logo or event graphics printed on swim caps for your swimming club or event!

    Custom Printed Swimming Caps at SwimPath

    If you are a club or organised event in need of customised swimming caps, please get in touch to find a solution for you!

    The caps we supply are produced to an exceptional quality by the largest European manufacturer of swim caps who make over 4 million caps a year for the top end brands,  We offer multiple coloured caps and print combinations for your personalised swimming caps requirements.

    Set up fees for printed swimming caps are completely free just send us your club logo and colour combination for design work, printing will commence once the fee has been paid and orders usually take around 3-4 weeks before delivery.

    We have a minimum order quantity of 25 caps.

    Prices on printed swimming caps vary depending on a number of things, such as the material of the swimming caps, the number required (the more you buy the cheaper they become), how many colours are in your logo, and if you wanted the logo on both sides of the cap or just a single side. 

    We can print names on caps for an additional cost.

    If you have a specific requirement please contact us at or call 01275 741170.

    Which Swimming Cap do I need?

    We provide caps in a number of materials for different needs - latex, silicone, silicone suede and dome racing.

    Latex caps are perfect for weekend events and a cost-effective solution to custom printed swimming caps.

    Silicone and Silicone Suede caps are ideal for clubs to provide swimmers with a high quality cap that will last throughout the season. The suede finish looks incredible and adds a touch of quality to the cap, making your logo pop!

    Dome Racing caps are for high-end performance swimmers, as these fit perfectly to the head with it's unique shape and elasticity properties ensuring you can achieve maximum performance.

    What colours are available?

    SwimPath Custom Printed Latex Swimming Caps

    SwimPath Custom Printed Latex Cap Colours

    SwimPath Custom Printed Silicone Caps

    SwimPath Custom Printed Silicone Cap Colours

    SwimPath Custom Printed Silicone Suede Swimming Caps

    SwimPath Custom Printed Silicone Suede Cap Colours

    SwimPath Custom Printed Dome Racing Swimming Caps

    SwimPath Custom Printed Dome Racing Cap Colours